Funny scene with Barry Bostwick that we mostly improvised.

"Holiday Baggage" | Feature Film

Distributed by Lionsgate

Blue collar worker with Taylor Kinney. Nobody does a junk yard man like I do.

"Chicago Fire" | NBCUniversal


Trailer for the short film, "Nose Hair & Peanuts" which I also wrote and produced. An official selection of the 2014 SoCal Film Festival and 2014 Orlando Film Festival.

"Nose Hair & Peanuts" | Short Film

Lead Actor

Mike Pusateri Commercial V/O Demo.

2013 Super Bowl Ad - "Leon Sandcastle"

NFL Network | National Commercial

NFL Scout - Appearing at the :27 Mark

Detective. Not liking what I'm hearing hear at all.

"Distortion" | Feature Film

Fangoria Favorite

Big, over the top scene. I'm channeling Burgess Meredith with Mr. Miyagi.

"Guys Book Club" Season 2. Award winning Web Series

Series Regular |

Video Gallery

Comedic Film Reel. 

The clips from "Holiday Baggage," "Guys Book Club" Season 2, "Normal," and "Guys Book Club" Season 1 all together.

  • 0:56

Sarcastic businessman. Trying to explain good and evil to a guy dressed in a monkey suit. Seriously...

"Normal" | Feature Film

Indie Film Darling

Here I am as a businessman talking to Jake Lacy when Olivia Wilde decides to interrupt us in this 2015 Holiday classic. Oooo...the look she gives me! OUCH!

"Love the Coopers" | CBS Films

Director: Jessie Nelson

Another over the top scene. You've never seen anybody so upset about losing their Bud Light Lime.

"Guys Book Club" Season 1.  Web series. Winner Best Comedy Chicago International REEL Film Festival

Series Regular |