One Hour Drama Style: As a Detective who does not like what I'm hearing hear at all.

"Distortion" | Feature Film

Fangoria Favorite

Comedic Film Reel. 

The clips from "Holiday Baggage," "Guys Book Club" Season 2, "Normal," and "Guys Book Club" Season 1 all together.

Multi-Cam: You've never seen anybody so upset about losing their Bud Light Lime.

"Guys Book Club" Season 1.  Web series. Winner Best Comedy Chicago International REEL Film Festival

Series Regular |

One Hour Drama (Procedural): Blue collar worker with Taylor Kinney. Nobody does a junk yard man like I do.

"Chicago Fire" | NBCUniversal


Video Gallery

One Hour Drama: Here I am as a cop working in Miami Dispatch as an officer on the scene investigates the Versace murder. Cunanan doesn't stand a chance with me on the case. 

Single Cam: In this scene, I'm taking an acting class from Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon). In doing an improv scene with a fellow Comedian, Pamela rips us to shreds for being great performers. Gotta love it!

"Better Things" | FX - 2017

Director: Pamela Adlon

  • 0:56

Mike Pusateri Commercial V/O Demo.

Comedic Commercial: 2013 Super Bowl Ad - "Leon Sandcastle"

NFL Network | National Commercial

NFL Scout - Appearing at the :27 Mark

Single Cam Style: Here I am as a businessman talking to Jake Lacy when Olivia Wilde decides to interrupt us in this 2015 Holiday classic. Oooo...the look she gives me! OUCH!

"Love the Coopers" | CBS Films

Director: Jessie Nelson

Single Cam Style: Sarcastic businessman. Trying to explain good and evil to a guy dressed in a monkey suit. Seriously...

"Normal" | Feature Film

Indie Film Darling

Single Cam Style: Funny scene with Barry Bostwick that we mostly improvised.

"Holiday Baggage" | Feature Film

Distributed by Lionsgate

Multi-Cam: I'm channeling Burgess Meredith with Mr. Miyagi.

"Guys Book Club" Season 2. Award winning Web Series

Series Regular |

Trailer for the short film, "Nose Hair & Peanuts" which I also wrote and produced. An official selection of the 2014 SoCal Film Festival and 2014 Orlando Film Festival.

"Nose Hair & Peanuts" | Short Film

Lead Actor